Player Registration

Updated Tuesday September 24, 2019 by Knoxville Metro Soccer League.

Prior to registering your team, please review the KMSL Player Pledge.


The KMSL Fee for this season is $85.


Before clicking on the link for the website, please make sure you have the following available

  1. Invitation from KMSL Team Representative/Captain to Register

  2. New Players: Recent Photo of you (Face shot for your Player Card)

  3. New Players: Copy of your Driver’s License.(Upload where it asks for Birth Certificate)

  4. Discount Code (for Team Rep)

  5. Credit/Debit Card or E-Check for Payment ($85 KMSL Fee).

(You can edit the picture after upload to just size your headshot so don't sweat if you don't have an individual photo.)


Click on the link (or copy into your browser) to the new Registration site:


Click on the “Registration” Tab. (This will take you to the Team Selection Screen).


Select the Team you want to register with (select from drop down menu selector)

Then it's time to login to the system. If you are a returning player, log in with your same login you used last season, If new to the league select “Option 2: Create New Account”.

You will then be required to enter your personal contact information, and select your username and password (please remember it for next season).

This will take you to the Add Member to Team page.


Click “Add Self to Team “, this will automatically take you to the “Add Team Member” page, where you need to upload your photo and driver’s license. Select the arrow next to “Click here to show photo or birth certification upload”. Returning Players do not need up upload Drivers Licence or Photo again. Make sure you have scanned your Driver’s License and Photo into a file (or jump drive) so you can upload.


Now you are ready to upload your photo for your player card. Click on the “Click here to upload Photo” icon. Next select the browse button and search to where your photo is located and then select “View Image” again, and then you use your mouse to select the headshot part only of your photo, (click mouse to top left of where you want to start and then drag mouse across and down to where you want box to stop), and once you have it inside the box, click on “Crop” and it will remove the remainder of your photo, just leaving the headshot. Once happy select “Upload Image” and it will upload to the system.


You are now ready to upload your Driver’s License. Click on the Birth Certificate icon (this is where you will upload your driver’s license). Click Browse to find the location where your driver’s license scan is located, Click on the file name and select “View Image”. This will upload and display your driver’s license, if good select Upload Image at the top right hand side of the page. If not good you will need to rescan and do this process again. Then hit “SAVE” at the bottom of the page.


Select Continue and it will take you to the page where you have to accept the TSSA Liability Waiver, and confirm you read the refund policy. Click “Agree & Continue” to proceed.


You are now at the payment page. If you have a Discount Code e-mailed to you (Credit from prior Season), you must select the “Add Promo Code Discount” and enter the code before selecting your method of payment. Enter Code (if you have one) and then select “Add Code and Return”, then select your method of payment Credit/Debit Card or Echeck (No American Express). Enter in the card/check details, approve the payment, and you are done.


You have the option of printing a receipt (although you will get an e-mail confirming your registration).


PLEASE NOTE: Discount/Refund requests for games not played due to late player registration will not be issued. Refund requests for games not played after the KMSL season has begun will not be granted. The KMSL Refund Policy can be found here.