KMSL Constitution

Updated Thursday June 13, 2019 by Knoxville Metro Soccer League.

Knoxville Metro Soccer League (KMSL)



    1. The name of this organization is Knoxville Metro Soccer League operating in the Knoxville, Tennessee area and local vicinity, hereinafter referred to as KMSL.

    2. The KMSL shall be organized and operated as a non-profit service organization.

    3. General purposes of the KMSL include:

      1. To provide a recreational soccer league for adults in the Knoxville area.

      2. To work together with the other area soccer leagues for the betterment of the game of soccer.

      3. To promote fellowship and sociability among soccer players, members, and the general public.

      4. To engage generally in any cause or activity similar to those above mentioned.

      5. To do all things necessary and desirable for the accomplishment of any and all of the stated purposes.

    4. Special purposes:

      1. For the area soccer players, coaches, administrators and referees to provide a means of recreation in the form of an organized soccer league.

      2. To provide training and educational opportunities to future players, coaches, administrators and referees.

      3. For general public, to provide a spectator sport.


    1. The Executive Committee of the KMSL shall be the governing body of the organization. This committee shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice President, Registrar/Treasurer, Secretary, Fields Office, Media/Outreach Officer, and, Member At Large.

      1. Purposes of the Executive Committee shall be to:

        1. Plan the agenda for meetings. Carry out and implement business as directed by the KMSL.

        2. Handle disciplinary decisions of both individuals and teams. Schedule regular and emergency meetings.

        3. Decisions of the Executive Committee must be by majority vote of the entire Committee present, except where noted otherwise within this document. (Three votes minimum).


    1. General Membership consists of the Executive Committee, and one representative from each current season team.

    2. At General Membership meetings each team representative, and officers shall have one vote. An officer cannot also vote as a team representative.

  4. BY-LAWS

    1. The By-Laws govern the business of KMSL.

    2. Proposed changes in the by-laws must be presented to the entire current membership at least one week prior to the meeting at which the vote will be taken. The proposed changes will become effective upon approval of the majority of the current membership preset at the meeting, so long as that majority represents no less than one-third of the total general membership.

    3. The by-laws shall become binding upon the KMSL by the approval of General Membership, in accordance with section IV B. of the constitution.

  5. RULES

    1. Rules govern the playing of games within KMSL.

    2. Rules are binding by the vote of the majority of current membership present.


    1. Proposed amendments to the constitution must be presented in writing to the entire current membership at least two weeks prior to any vote.

    2. Amendments must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership present.