KMSL By-Laws

Updated Monday June 10, 2019 by Knoxville Metro Soccer League.

Knoxville Metro Soccer League (KMSL)


1. Membership of the KMSL.

1.1 Shall be open to any team who are:

1.1.1 Willing to abide by the rules, By-Laws, and Constitution of the KMSL.

1.1.2 Willing to pay all requisite fees promptly when due .

1.1.3 Capable of fielding a team for each scheduled game.

1.2 Membership in KMSL is valid for the then current season.

1.3 A team whose actions, individual or group, bring the KMSL or the game of soccer, into disrepute may be refused membership in future KMSL League programs.

1.4 Any individual or groups whose actions or behaviors are in violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, rules, or resolutions as passed by the Executive Committee of the KMSL shall be subject to discipline by suspension, assessments, expulsion, or any other means as seen fit by the Executive Committee or its agents.

2. Meetings.

2.1 The Executive Committee shall schedule regular meetings as needed through the year.

2.2 General meetings will be held for the purpose of collecting fees and rosters, league organization, and reviewing business at hand.

2.3 A general meeting of the KMSL must be called by the Executive Committee, upon petition by fifty percent or more of the paid membership.

3. Fees and Rosters.

3.1 Participation fees for each KMSL season shall be determined by the Executive Committee, prior to the start of each season.

3.2 To be eligible to play in the KMSL, all player fees are due by the date set for that season. Any player  failing to pay its dues in full will be ineligible for that season unless the Registrar/Treasurer approves other arrangements for payment.

3.3 KMSL fees are to be used for:

3.3.1 Maintenance of an acceptable playing venue.

3.3.2 Applicable referees and official’s fees.

3.3.3 Any other necessary expenditure as dictated by KMSL Executive Committee.

4. Team and Player Appeals

4.1 Any team or player wishing to appeal against a Board Decision, or Referee Dismissal, can do so, provided the following is met:

4.1.1. The appeal must be made within 7 days of the decision being made.

4.1.2.   The appeal must be made in writing, and must be accompanied with a $50 appeal fee (which will be returned if appeal is upheld).

4.1.3. The League President will refer the appeal to the Disciplinary/Appeals Committee, who will collect all pertinent information before considering their decision.

4.1.4. The Disciplinary/Appeals Committee will consist of 5 members of the general membership, not connected to the appeal, and will be selected by the League President.

4.1.5 Any fees incurred by the Disciplinary/Appeals Committee shall be paid by the persons appealing, if the appeal fails. (For Travel Purposes Only).