Team Representative Duties

Updated Wednesday June 5, 2019 by Knoxville Metro Soccer League.


  1. Ensure enough player participation for upcoming session.
  2. Note any days team unable to play (spring/fall break, holidays, etc.)
  3. Register Team on before registration deadline.
    1. Register Team Name,
    2. Team Contact,
    3. Team Colors,
    4. Team Special requests (from (2) above).
  4. Check Player registration system to ensure Team Registration is open (once team registration is closed from Item (3) above. Usually it is open when you receive the discount code from registrar for current session.
  5. Check Team Net Bag to ensure all equipment is present and in good condition
    1. Goal Net, with 11 Velcro straps (5 Across Top, 3 on either side)
    2. 5 Tent Stakes to secure net to ground.
    3. 2 Corner Flags
    4. Net Bag itself.
  6. Any missing Net Bag Items to be notified to the Fields Officer (See Who to contact page on website)
  7. Ensure Team has acceptable Game Ball.
    1. Teams that attend AGM are issued with a new Game Ball each August.
  8. Collect Team Roster and Player Cards from Registrar when notification received saying they are ready.
  9. Make Photo Copy of Roster to give to your assistant in case of original is lost/late arriving to game.


During Season

  1. Keep team players informed of games, and any possible changes.
  2. Ensure any players that received a Red Card, serve their suspension as defined by League. Minimum 1 game.
  3. Take Net Bag, Game Ball, Roster and Player Cards to every game.
  4. If using Guest Players (if permitted in your division), ensure they have current, valid Player Card, and provide to officials, and seek agreement from opposing team representative/captain.
  5. Ensure any injuries are reported to referee before they depart, so they can include on game report in the event of a possible insurance claim.
  6. Update game score on league website (if needed).
  7. Collect Roster/Player Cards from Referee at end of game.


Game Rescheduling

Once the league has set the game schedule for the season, (usually at least 14 days before the start date), it is considered “locked” and will only be amended by the league due to advance knowledge of possible field closure or field issues.

If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather, or Field Closure, the league will reschedule the game, for a new date sometime before the end of the current session.

If one of the participating teams is unable to fulfil a schedule game, here are the procedures for requesting a reschedule;

  1. Contact the team representative of your opponents, advising of the need to reschedule
  2. Give 2-3 alternate dates for the game to be rescheduled (if midweek, Wednesdays are easiest night to obtain fields, due to youth teams practicing on the other nights).
  3. Once “new date” is agreed, send e-mail communication to league game scheduler, advising details of game cancellation and new date (if known at this time).
  4. Communication must be received by the league at least 24 Hours prior to originally scheduled game to enable us to cancel referees with 24 hour notice (or we will be charged, so no reschedule is possible).
  5. Any game that needs to be cancelled within the 24 hour timeframe, will need to be a forfeit by the offending team, as we are unable to cancel referees and not pay them if not giving 24 hour notice (unless offending team agrees to pay for the referees for the reschedule (currently $140 per game)).


End of Season

  1. Keep Roster/Player Cards for next session (everybody will receive a New Card every Fall Session, returning players for Spring and Summer will use same player card as last session).
  2. Replacement Cards Cost $10 each.


Additional Resources

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