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Randall Bishop commented on May 17, 3:14am
"19 year old male looking for a team. Played goalie for Bearden high school won state junior year. Can also play defense. Call me at 865/340-2902 "
Benjamin Molitor commented on June 18, 12:20am
"Hey, I'm a 19 year old male, attacking or defending midfielder / defender / anything central / anywhere. I've played for over 15 years, winning some conference honors in high school for midfield. I haven't gotten to play much in college and I'm looking to get back into the swing of things. I'm just excited to play casually or competitively so hit me up. Email: Text: (920)573-0718"
William Juckett commented on June 20, 3:43pm
"Hello, I am a 26 year old male. I played starting young through high school. Have played just about every position but in high school stuck mostly to defense/midfield and a little bit of goalie. Looking to have some fun in a reasonably competitive league. Contact me at"
Ian Thompson commented on June 20, 7:03pm
"Hi, I have just moved back to Tennessee after living in Colorado for several years. I have played soccer since I was 10, played on school teams in middle and high-school, as well as indoor leagues at D1 and cool sports after graduation. I am most comfortable in the midfield or defensive position, but have played everywhere except GK. I am willing to play at any level of skill. Email: Phone: 865 456 7376 (call or text)"
Bryan Martin commented on June 21, 1:17pm
"50 year old male played soccer for most of my life can play any position except goalie looking for team to play this fall."
Bryan Martin commented on June 21, 1:18pm
"50 year old male looking for team or 8652096801"
David sprague commented on June 27, 4:24am
"Hey my name is David. I just moved from Illinois looking to play soccr. I am 21 years old. Played all through high school then stopped when got to college. Defense and midfield are my favorite places to play. You can call me at 618-301-6280 or email me"
Austin Stranahan commented on July 3, 5:37pm
"I’m Austin Stranahan, I play midfield/ defense I’m 20/M you can get in touch with me at or 9314465917"
Brandon Wintsch commented on July 15, 11:01pm
"Hello, I’m 20 year old male, I play the 7, 11, 9 or 10 positions (forward or mid). I’ve played soccer my whole life in California, from comp soccer all the way to college. I recently moved to Tennessee for school and I’m looking to play for a team around here. Looking for a competitive league to join. Email:, phone (916)849-0409 feel free to text or email me. "
Jon Fields commented on July 17, 4:39am
"I'm an 18 year old male looking for Coed Open A or B divisions. I played Wing back/Wing in highschool and still currently play Indoor in Knoxville. Jon- (865)898-3300"
Wesley Paffenbarger commented on July 20, 3:59pm
"26 year old striker/LM looking for a team in the highest division. Played striker for Arizona State University. Just moved here from Phoenix, now that I am settled I would like to find a good group of guys that just enjoy the game! Also looking to play some pickup whenever! Contact me via email: or text:4804588745"
Tony Leontaris commented on July 22, 10:54pm
"Hi everyone, my name is Tony, just moved here from NJ, playing 4 years of Division 2 college soccer at Felician University. My main position is CM however I play Striker as well as Full back. Looking for a team to play on and any advice on where I can play pick up games. Thank you! 9083436023 any help is appreciated. "
Jonah Witt commented on August 6, 6:14pm
"I am a 22 year old winger/striker looking for a team. I played through high school and played on the club team for one season at UT. You can email me at or text me at 8656961873. Thanks!"
Jeek Kim commented on August 9, 2:01am
"Greetings. I'm a 36 year old male looking to join a Coed 30+ second or third division team. I am most comfortable in FW / MF position and currently playing Indoor at Cool Sports. Please contact me via email at"
Julian Swart commented on August 12, 9:36pm
"28 year old male. I play outside mid, outside back, or center back. Played club soccer at NC State for 4 years. Would love to join your team! Came to Knoxville for grad school and now I live and work here. 9103589472. I have a 21 year old co-worker looking to join a team too. Thanks"
Christopher Gates commented on August 13, 12:43pm
"26 year old male. I played for over 15 years including varisty high school for 4 years. I play mostly midfield/attacking winger but used to play defense for several years. In good shape and have been told I'm fast. Looking for any team to play on, preferably competitive."
peter ewing commented on August 14, 4:55pm
"Hello, i am a 21 yr old male, i have been playing for 10+ years, that includes middleschool and 4 years of varsity soccer in highschool, i can play pretty much anywhere needed, but i prefer midfield, id like to play in one of the co-ed divisions. you can reach me at email: i also have a friend that would like to play he is a 19 yr old male, he played 3 years of varsity soccer, he plays forward, he can be reached at email: if possible we would like to be on the same team. thank you. "
Jessica Marzi commented on August 16, 6:05am
"28 year old female- I play mostly defense. I played in high school and recently two coed indoor leagues before I broke my ankle last fall. Looking to get back on the field. My cell is 727-251-0927 and email is"
Ryan Wenrick commented on August 16, 4:50pm
"30 year old ex college player. Attacking wide player, winger or outside back, could play up top also. Just moved to Knoxville and need a team. phone: 574-329-9489 email:"
Ryan Tan commented on August 17, 5:47pm
"21 year old male! I was a goalkeeper for my high school varsity team and I played intramural throughout college. Have also played fullback. Hit me up at (215) 821-4899 or email at if you need a player! Thanks!"
Alex Otten commented on August 18, 5:16pm
"24 year old male, looking for a Co-ed team. I play fullback and have been playing for 15+ years for school, intramural, travel, and an adult sports league in Nashville. Contact me at"
Doree Brown commented on August 22, 8:37pm
"I am a 45 year old female and have played soccer on and off most my life, but I haven't played in 4 years. I'd like to join an O30 Co-Ed Second (C) or Third (D) team if possible. I am willing to play in higher divisions. My 21 year old daughter is also interested in playing. Please contact me via email ( or cell (214.533.8964). Best, Doree"
Rasheed Malcolm commented on August 23, 12:23am
"27 year old male. Played all my life through college and some. Looking for a team to play on Sundays as well as if there is any pick up games during the weeknights. Position is Defense but open to playing any position needed really. email:"
Loanie T commented on August 29, 12:10pm
"Hello I’m Loanie, 30+, female, newbie to soccer, would love to join a coed recreational team possibly coed division 3. Contact info Thanks!"
Frank Todd commented on September 1, 2:27am
"36 yo ex college player. Years in competitive adult league in Memphis after college. Flexible positions but not a goaltender-midfield and defense mostly. Cell 8659734199. Email Live in Knoxville . "
Jeff Garcia commented on September 4, 8:28pm
"31 yr old male. Plenty of experience playing my entire life. Played high school, competitive college intramurals, and adult recreational. Versatile player that can play any position, but prefer the midfield on the wings or as a defensive mid. I'm most useful in passing and distributing to other players while making some attacking runs when needed. Cell: 901-359-2482. Email:"
Benjamin Laryea commented on September 14, 2:41pm
"Benjamin laryea 23yrs left footed striker need a team asap"
Daniel Huggins commented on September 14, 9:31pm
"Daniel Huggins. 26. Male. Position: Keeper, Striker. Expirience: High school mvp, college and arena football kicker. "
Nathan Stenson commented on September 17, 11:47pm
"Nate Stenson. 24, male, midfielder, defender. Played through high school, and pick-up since. Will make up for missed shots/passes with apology-beers. Cell 5302204486"
Sam Morris commented on September 20, 5:30pm
"Sam Morris. Male, 27. 15 years of experience including two years being All state and all state tourny team in HS and two years at the NCAA D2 level. Defender is preferred but I have the conditioning to play the outside mid position as well. email:"
Roy Copping commented on September 22, 1:13am
"Looking for a team, 38 year old. Played soccer all my life. Previously played in masters league and looking to get going again."
Zane Asselin commented on September 23, 9:49pm
"22 y/o Male. Played through high school and intramural in college. Usually play defense but am comfortable in midfield as well."
Deontae payne commented on October 5, 2:53pm
"Listen I'm a 22y old male looking for a team, very athletic, I'm crazy fast and i enjoy studying soccer.. "
Deontae payne commented on October 5, 4:58pm
""Listen I'm a 22y old male looking for a team, very athletic, I'm crazy fast and i enjoy studying soccer.. " email-"
Miguel Ovalle commented on October 23, 2:30pm
"21 year old male, looking to find a team to play on. I have experience playing LM,ST. I played in college and high school and currently play in other leagues in the Knoxville area. Feel free to text me 423-453-8378 or email me at I’m ambitious and in shape. "
Jessie Tweedie commented on November 11, 7:32pm
"I am 24 years old looking for a coed soccer Team. I Have played soccer a few times, but never on a team. I am at a beginner level and would like an opportunity to improve. Please contact me at 256-309-9060 if there is a team available."
Abby Moore commented on November 18, 10:09pm
"25 y/o female from maryville. I’ve played soccer from 5 years old up until 17 years old for both travel/ competitive teams as well as high school and some indoor experience. Defense is where I thrive and play best. Looking for a team so that I can get out there and play again! Best way to reach me is through my cell: (865)719-0083! Thanks! "
Melody Mount commented on November 26, 9:43pm
"24 year old, female, just moved to the area and already missing soccer. Played a few years recreationally, and 6 years competitively in a variety of positions although I prefer mid or forward. Contact me at or 8126207103."
Melody Mount commented on November 26, 9:43pm
"24 year old, female, just moved to the area and already missing soccer. Played a few years recreationally, and 6 years competitively in a variety of positions although I prefer mid or forward. Contact me at or 8126207103."
Melody Mount commented on November 26, 9:43pm
"24 year old, female, just moved to the area and already missing soccer. Played a few years recreationally, and 6 years competitively in a variety of positions although I prefer mid or forward. Contact me at or 8126207103."
Michael Hutcheon commented on November 27, 3:21pm
"26 year old male, looking to either play some casual pick-up or join a team in the Spring 2019. Former D1 soccer player, best suited as a centre-back or holding midfield but can play anywhere. Contact me at or 865.617.9901."
Gavin Faucette commented on November 28, 9:08am
"I’m a 21 year old male. Played striker and attacking mid in high school, played mid/forward in college IM in Georgia. Text me at 229-561-2537. Eager to help "
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