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William Godoy commented on January 12, 8:04pm
"Male, 38 years old. Played soccer my whole life usually in mid-field or defense as a deep-lying playmaker. I'm also a National-E certified coach as I wanted to learn more about modern soccer. Looking to play into an over 30 Division. 971-205-8299."
Jaewan Joe commented on January 16, 5:09am
"Male, 34 years old, South Korean. Played soccer for about 20 years, and recently only for indoor futsal for 5 years. Looking to play in 30 Division. 765-409-2453"
Andrew Moore commented on January 16, 7:55pm
"Male, 23 years old. Have played soccer competitively for 12 years. Played through college and look to keep playing. I play striker or winger 423-360-0637"
Chris Shuman commented on January 18, 9:03pm
"Male, 44 years old. Would like to play in the Masters Division in the spring. Played in high school and have been playing once or twice weekly for the last 4 years. Prefer midfielder or striker, but can play stopper. New to the area and looking for soccer community in this league and for pick-up or futsal. 859.338.1676"
Miguel Ovalle commented on January 22, 3:51pm
"21 year old looking to play in the spring. I have experience playing up top. I played in college and all through high school. Soccer is my main passion! Contact me at or for a quicker response text me at 4234538378. I can play winger or st or cam. "
Eric Louis commented on January 27, 4:11pm
"I’m 33 and looking to join an over 30 team for 2019 Spring season. I’ve played every position but prefer mid or fwd. email at"
Kelsey Hince commented on January 31, 3:07pm
"Looking to join a Spring '19 team. I'm 28, played all through college and on various indoor co-ed teams. Would prefer to play on a team that is competitive. Have played both forward and mid. email or text me, 865-806-3637""
Kelsey Hince commented on January 31, 3:07pm
"Looking to join a Spring '19 team. I'm 28, played all through college and on various indoor co-ed teams. Would prefer to play on a team that is competitive. Have played both forward and mid. email or text me, 865-806-3637""
Shawn Winters commented on January 31, 3:43pm
"I have a Masters League team with spots available, please call Shawn Winters @ 865-368-0237 or email if interested! Thanks!"
Matthew Mosca commented on February 2, 3:24pm
"I’m 31 and I just moved to the area from Florida. Been playing my whole life at a competitive level. Looking for a team. Will play any division. I play mostly defense but can play midfield as well. 954-812-8070, "
Derek Walsh commented on February 2, 7:11pm
"24 Year old male looking for a Co-ed team. I've played goalie for travel teams and Greeneville highschool but prefer to be in the field now. Finished top 8 in the state two of the three years I was playing goalie for Greeneville. I can play anywhere but tend to lean more towards striker and right/left midfield. If we need a goalie I can play there as well. Text me or call at (423) 278-4880"
Hunter Higgs commented on February 6, 9:03pm
"I'm 32 and just moved here from Memphis. I've haven't played since 3rd grade, but been watching Manchester United since 1999 and the USMNT/USWNT around the same time as well. I really want to get back in shape, so put me as right or left back (preferably right). I would describe my playing style as Fangzhou on the pitch, but George Best at the post match party. 901-351-0860"
BRET MASER commented on February 8, 4:50pm
"Shockers is looking for a few women to join our team in COED >30 Division 3. Contact Bret Maser at 407.739.6655 if interested or email"
Sevan Takvoryan commented on February 10, 9:40pm
"Hi, I'm 46 and still play a few days a week. Until a year ago I was playing open A and coed A but the player I filled in for last fall has returned and I'm without a team for the spring. Please contact me at 865-659-2077 if you are needing a player, thanks!"
Dannel Petgrave commented on February 11, 3:26am
"28 years old. Been playing soccer since age 5. Was supposed to play at a D1 college but my coach never sent my tapes in. Currently out of shape--my mind knows what to do but my body can't keep up. Preference for def or fwd. I sweat excessively and look like I'm dying, but I'm fine. Will need subs. Special skills: motivating the team and starting without warming up because I show up exactly at kick-off. Jokes aside, very solid defender. Text 860-985-8766"
Randall Duggan commented on February 12, 7:37pm
"I am 33 years of age. I have played defense since middle school. Have been playing indoor and recently took a break from soccer but looking to get back into outdoor ! Please call 865-654-3567 or email if you have any questions . I would LOVE to start playing again this season ! "
Jessica Estes commented on February 13, 2:29pm
"26 years old/Female/played in high school, club, a little college/KEEPER"
Jessica Estes commented on February 13, 2:31pm
"Ha!! U need a way to get ahold of me or 6156267754"
Jessica Estes commented on February 13, 2:31pm
"Ha!! U need a way to get ahold of me or 6156267754"
Azsha Treanor commented on February 15, 7:28pm
"Gender: Female Age: 24 Experience: Played all the way to HS and was injured really badly. Haven't played a lot since. Played pickup games at UT when I could. Looking for: I am searching for a team that is competitive in spirit like myself! However, my skillset has really diminished over the years and there are some skills I never learned due to injury. So, I would not be a great asset to a team that is actually competitive. I am looking to join a team that will allow me to get back in shape and resharpen my skills and get back to the love that I do have for soccer. Contact details: Cell: 901 371 1373 Email: "
Joel Crow commented on February 19, 8:46pm
"Heya, Im new to the area and looking to join a team. M 44 and was playing 6v6/11v11 3x per week until I moved here. Im comfortable playing anywhere except goal so let me know if you need a body. 850.766.7523 Thanks"
Cody Steffen commented on February 20, 4:33pm
"34 male looking for a competitive soccer team to hop on. Havent played since I moved here last year, but should be able to adjust quickly. Looking for a keeper spot as I have played keeper my entire life through HS and college and into my adult years. Played D1 and D2 in SC where I moved from , but level of competition could be different here I dont know. Contact me by email at or 886-805-1502. "
Omri Habbah commented on February 26, 1:33pm
"I'm 21 years old, I came from Israel seven months ago, and I played soccer all my life, I can play at any position in the midfield, my email is and phone number is 8656573897, thank you"
Devon Fails commented on March 1, 4:22pm
"Hey folks, I'm a 29 year old male goalkeeper looking to play in B league or over 30 league (if the league would let me, I'll be 30 in July). I've played goalkeeper since I was 12, played through high school and a little club ball in between, played intramural in college and have been playing with various indoor and outdoor teams and tournaments around Knoxville since college. I love playing keeper and it is my preferred position. Please feel free to reach out to me through text or email 865-804-4927"
Luciano Nascimento commented on March 1, 11:41pm
"Hi my name is Luciano, I am 43 years old. I am Brazilian I play as Midfield or striker. I use to play in Brazil but never played in United States. My phone number is 8652310152"
Luciano Nascimento commented on March 1, 11:43pm
""Hi my name is Luciano, I am 43 years old, male. I am Brazilian I play as Midfield or striker. I use to play in Brazil but never played in United States. My phone number is 8652310152""
Scott Haluska commented on March 2, 4:23am
"Hi, my name is Scott and I am looking to play in a fun coed league. I am 47 and haven’t played in a few years, but would love to get on a team. Contact number is 865-414-0263"
Miguel Zevallos commented on March 12, 1:45am
"My name is Miguel, a 53 year-old male looking to play on a competitive soccer team. I played in this league before and would like to return after 6 months break. My position is mid field with above average passing skills. Should you be interested, please contact me at or 203-308-1870."
Brad Cagle commented on March 13, 11:58pm
"Hello, my name is Brad. I am a 30 year old male looking to play on a competitive team. I have played various positions for about 9 years (high school, college intramural, rec teams). Usually play right back or forward. Please contact me at 423-618-8805."
Nathan Sommers commented on March 15, 6:10pm
"Male 26, just picking the sport up again after several years but would love to play. Can play goal or Rback/Lback. 5742421310"
Reid Ramsey commented on March 15, 8:24pm
"Male 23, played competitive soccer my whole life growing up and then played High School as well. Since high school I’ve only played intramurals. Mostly played center back and midfield. Email: Cell: 865-603-5407"
Logan Baldwin commented on March 19, 8:43pm
"Male 21, played competitive and highschool. Also played in mens Memphis league but moved to Knox. Preferred positions are left and right wings but enjoy all minus goal. Email: phone: 9018307262"
Tony Leontaris commented on March 24, 6:26pm
"Tony Leontaris, looking for a competitive team to play for. 24 y/o Male. Played 4 years of Division II soccer (and high school), can play every position beside goal keeper. Contact me at 908-343-6023, or "
Tony Leontaris commented on March 24, 7:25pm
"^ Prefer Sunday League team ^ - Tony Leontaris"
Thomas Willie Bestman commented on March 31, 4:22pm
"Hi my name is Thomas, I am 43 years old. I am African I play as Midfield, stoper, sweeper (4 or 5), goalkeeper or striker. I played 3 years for Monroe College in new york as a striker/midfielder and used to play pick up game, but i have not payer on a regular basis about 6 years. My phone number is 4236175533. D1 team. I believe i still got it. "
Katie Garland commented on April 17, 9:35pm
"Katie Garland, 26 years old. Female. Played through high school but have not played in a few years. Defender but am able to play any position. Any team available, just looking to enjoy the sport again. My number 865-323-7397. "
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