KMSL 2019 AGM Information

2019-2020 KMSL Year

Updated Monday August 26, 2019 by Knoxville Metro Soccer League.

KMSL Captains/Team Reps -

The 2019-2020 Annual General Meeting for KMSL will be held on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 starting at 6pm at the Holiday Inn at Cedar Bluff.  All teams should be represented; if you cannot attend, please send a member of your team.  Attendance is limited to one representative per team.


The following notifications relative to the AGM agenda should be made to

  • If the team captain cannot attend, please confirm the name of the alternate representative prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • All board changes are up for renewal; all current members are standing for re-election.  If anyone would like to stand against any board member for any board position, please make notification via email by August 10th.
  • Any proposed Rule or Bylaw recommended changes need to be sent via email no later than August 10th.  Proposed changes will be assembled and circulated to the teams on August 11th.

If there are any new items you would like to discuss, please send them to to be added to the agenda.


We will also be voting on the new software for KMSL team scheduling, announcements, etc, to replace LeagueToolbox.  You can preview the options, Sports Engine and Team Snap, with the following videos:

Sports Engine: 



Here is the proposed Slide Tackle rule verbiage change:

5.1 In the Co-Ed Men Over 30 First (A) Divisions Only, slide tackling is allowed.  In all other Cod-Ed Over 30 divisions and with the exception of the goal keeper within the penalty box, players must not leave their feet to slide tackle for the ball.  This should be deemed dangerous play by the referee and an indirect free-kick awarded against the offending player.


ALSO: Team registration for summer will begin August 4 and will be via email like we did for the summer.  More information to follow. Player registration will begin August 18 and the first games of Fall 2019 will begin on September 8.


Thank you,

KMSL Board